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Reprice in real time, sell more

Always be a step ahead of your competitors. Our Amazon Repricer uses Amazon Web Services to ensure you are repricing at the fastest speed possible. The moment one of your competitors reprices or goes out of stock, we react immediately to help you win the Buy Box at the optimal price.

Spy on your top 10 rivals for the Amazon Buy Box with competitor insights and tracking. Analyze the success of each SKU, set rules to compete against other merchants and win the Buy Box.

Enter your costs and measure the net margin on your SKUs, so that you can always sell at a profit. When you win the Buy Box, Repricer will price up incrementally, so you can sell at higher prices. Never sell at a loss.

Reprice some or all of your inventory, set simple or complex rules and target your competitors. You can be set up with Repricer in minutes. If you need help, our support team are here to guide you through the setup process.

amazon repricer real time amazon repricer competitor reporting amazon repricer profit margin amazon repricer competitor rules


Repricer customers see an average increase of 145% in Amazon sales in just 30 weeks

amazon repricer multi channel

Consistent pricing

Replicate your product pricing across all sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and more.

Price up and down

Win the Amazon Buy Box at the best possible price. Automatically adjust your price upwards when competitive environment allows.

Net-margin repricing

Make a profit on every sale. Enter your costs, so you will only sell at your target profit margin.

Amazon Buy Box predictor

Identify products with low probability of winning the Buy Box and take action.

Simple and quick

You can be set up on Repricer in minutes

5 icon simple automate


Compete 24/7 with automated repricing and replicate prices across all your marketplaces and online stores.

6 icon simple speed


Reprice faster than your competitors with instant repricing. Repricer reacts immediately to competitor price changes, so you can beat them to the Buy Box.

1 icon simple predefined strategy

Pre-defined strategies

Get started in minutes with our repricing strategy templates. Our Buy Box experts have created 7 pre-defined strategies to help you win.

2 icon simple bulk actions

Bulk actions

Manage large volumes of inventory easily. Simply add SKUs, assign repricing rules and your min/max price ranges with bulk actions.

3 icon simple search filter sort

Search, filter, sort

Quickly access the products you need with our powerful search functionality, filters and sort options.

4 icon simple details glance

Details at a glance

All the information you need for each of your SKUs at your fingertips; including ASIN, current price, Buy Box status, stock levels, last sale information and more.

Know your competitors’ every move

Make smart decisions with powerful insights

amazon repricer competitor targeting


Spy on your top rivals in each Amazon marketplace. See the products they are beating you on and quickly take action.

amazon repricer sales reports


Make informed business decisions with all the key trends that drive your sales. See SKUs that are selling fast, their minimum price, stock risks
and more.

amazon repricer buy box winners

Buy Box winners

See who is beating you to the Buy Box and take action to increase your sales.

amazon repricer price movement

Price movement

Make smart repricing decisions based on the price and sales history of your products, along with the corresponding Buy Box winner for every SKU.

Flexible, targeted rules

Reprice some or all of your inventory, set simple or complex rules, target your chosen competitors

1 icon rules fulfillment

Fulfillment method

Win the Buy Box with intelligent repricing rules that compete with FBA and seller-fulfilled merchants differently.

2 icon rules individual sellers2

Individual sellers

Get super granular by targeting individual rival sellers with a tailored strategy.

3 icon rules feedback


Have 5-star seller metrics? Use them to target your rivals by their feedback count and score.

4 icon rules stock level

Stock levels

Price up when your rivals run out of stock. Adjust your strategy automatically when your inventory runs low.

5 icon rules buy box winner

When Buy Box winner

Increase your profits by incrementally raising your price when you own the Buy Box.

6 icon rules sale date

Last sale

Slow moving inventory? Speed up your sales by setting rules based on your last sale date.

7 icon rules out of bounds

Out of bounds sellers

Ignore sellers who sell outside your minimum price bounds so that you avoid price wars and never sell at a loss.

8 icon rules location


Whether selling domestically or abroad, set Amazon repricing rules that take account of the competing seller location to ensure that you win the sale at the best price.

Safe and secure

Set price boundaries

Always sell at a price you are comfortable with. Set your minimum and maximum prices and we will stay within this range.

Our triple check safeguards ensure that you never sell below the minimum price you set. We guarantee it.

As an official Amazon Web Services partner, our software is hosted by Amazon and ensures we respond instantly to price changes.

amazon repricer min max prices amazon repricer secure profits amazon repricer instant repricing

Grow your Amazon sales by 145%

Repricer customers see on average an increase of 145% in Amazon sales in just 30 weeks. Read the report

Replicate your Amazon prices across all your online stores

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